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Is God Really Angry and Vengeful?

I have been the recipient of criticism because I portray an angry, vengeful God in my novel. Many people don’t like to think about this side of God, but it’s part of who He is. Most folks love the description of Him that we read in Exodus 34:6,”Then the Lord passed by in front of […]

The Power of Matthew 18:15

A couple of weeks ago a woman named Rachelle wrote on my Facebook wall that she hadn’t read my book, only “clips” from it. She claimed that I portrayed God as a “bloodthirsty evil monster who delights in preparing ways to torture humanity.” She went on to declare that if my book is what it […]

Why is it that we are not taken directly to heaven when we get saved? Do you know?

Why is it that we are not taken directly to heaven when we get saved? Why are we nearly always left down here for a while? Here are five reasons that God has revealed to me to answer these questions. First, we are left down her to be his witnesses (Acts 1:8). What do witnesses […]

We Have the Prescription, Now Take the Medicine.

God has given us a prescription for peace and prosperity, but we refuse to take our medicine. Clearly America is suffering from a spiritual sickness. God through the hand of Ezra tells us in II Chronicles 7:14 that there is a remedy. If we as a nation would repent of our many sinful ways, humble […]

Zombies are real.

Zombies are real. They are surrounding and attacking us non-zombies mercilessly. They vastly outnumber us. They are fearlessly revealing themselves at an alarming rate. They hate us and want to consume us. They’re not ultimately after our flesh; they want to kill us spiritually. Here is the scriptural truth about them: – They are humans […]

Will the materialism of US citizens be our country’s downfall?

China is suggesting that we in the US need to get our financial house in order by significantly reducing our national spending and debt. They encourage us especially to spend far less on our military. This while they begin to produce new state-of-the-art aircraft carriers and fighter jets. They do this with the billions of […]

Does God Bless America?

When a nation is submitted to God and is pleasing in His sight, it becomes the beneficiary of His blessings and protection. But if this nation turns its back on Him, it walks away from His cornucopia of blessings and His umbrella of protection into a dangerous world of deprivation and desperation. This process often […]

The Latest from Prophet of Vail Mountain

Exciting things are happening with The Prophet of Vail Mountain. First, please join us THIS Saturday, June 25 from 1-3 pm at Border’s in Norman for a book signing with the author. Bring your copy of the book to be signed and bring a friend who hasn’t read the book to buy one (or better […]

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