Does God Bless America?

When a nation is submitted to God and is pleasing in His sight, it becomes the beneficiary of His blessings and protection. But if this nation turns its back on Him, it walks away from His cornucopia of blessings and His umbrella of protection into a dangerous world of deprivation and desperation. This process often happens over several decades and generations. The decline can be so subtle that it is hardly noticed by most. A nation that starts down a path of rebellion against God will begin to lose its blessings gradually. God also will slowly remove its hedge of protection, allowing enemies, both human and spiritual, to attack and other disasters to occur. If the nation fails to repent and return to God, this process will begin to accelerate dramatically. If this nation still persists in this resistance against the way and will of God, He will directly bring about in a variety of ways its demise. America is this nation. We stand in open defiance of God in so many ways. He is tired of relenting. The national malaise in which we find ourselves is going to worsen unless we change our direction through spiritual repentance and revival.



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