The Latest from Prophet of Vail Mountain

Exciting things are happening with The Prophet of Vail Mountain.

First, please join us THIS Saturday, June 25 from 1-3 pm at Border’s in Norman for a book signing with the author. Bring your copy of the book to be signed and bring a friend who hasn’t read the book to buy one (or better yet, buy one for your friend!).

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Beginning next month, we will also post weekly devotions to encourage you in your faith. Share these pages with your friends, too.

The biggest news is the upcoming release of our new Prophet of Vail Mountain book trailer. This amazing production will blow you away and will draw readers in to get a copy of the book. Keep your eyes open for an email letting you know it’s ready to view!

On the set of The Prophet of Vail Mountain Trailer

Remember, The Prophet of Vail Mountain, contains a message that everyone needs to hear. Help spread the word by buying books for people you know and sharing the web site, Facebook and Twitter pages.

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