Zombies are real.

Zombies are real. They are surrounding and attacking us non-zombies mercilessly. They vastly outnumber us. They are fearlessly revealing themselves at an alarming rate. They hate us and want to consume us. They’re not ultimately after our flesh; they want to kill us spiritually.

Here is the scriptural truth about them:
– They are humans who have chosen to close their hearts to God and are, therefore, the walking dead. see John 5:25
-Since they are already under judgement, they are cursed. see John 3:18-19
– They are blind to spiritual truth. see II Corinthians 4:4
– They can’t live moral lives. see Romans 8:7
– They can’t please God. see Romans 8:8
– They can’t understand things of God or His people. see I Corinthians 2:14
– They think things of God are foolishness. see I Corinthians 1:18
– They are at war with God and His people. see Galatians 5:17
– They are flesh-obsessed and, therefore, never find peace. see Romans 8:5,6
– They hate God and His people and are loyal only to other zombies. see John 15:18,19
– They will persecute non-zombies. see John 15:20

Our challenge is not to destroy them, but to help them become non-zombies by showing them the reality of the love of God with our lips and lives.

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