Is God Really Angry and Vengeful?

I have been the recipient of criticism because I portray an angry, vengeful God in my novel. Many people don’t like to think about this side of God, but it’s part of who He is. Most folks love the description of Him that we read in Exodus 34:6,”Then the Lord passed by in front of him (Moses) and proclaimed,’The Lord, the Lord God, compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in lovingkindness and truth.’ The same folks don’t like the rest of the narrative in the next verse:’who keeps lovingkindness for thousands, who forgives iniquity, transgression and sin; yet (here it comes) He will by no means leave the guilty unpunished, visiting the iniquity of fathers on the children and on the grandchildren to the third and fourth generations.’ (NASB). Oh, no, what a BUMMER. The usual response I hear to this is,”That’s the Old Testament God.” I guess they haven’t read that our Lord is “the same yesterday and today, yes and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8). I guess also that these folks have not read Revelation, which, if I remember correctly, is in the New Testament. We have to face it–God is a double-edged sword. One edge brings us His love, grace, forgiveness and blessings, but the other cuts with wrath, condemnation and punishment. To deny either side is to deny the totality of who God is. Not a smart plan. Let me give one example today, then more later. In Genesis we see that God was so disgusted with humans that He was sorry He had created them. He then sent the Great Flood which killed every person, born or unborn, on this planet except for Noah and his party of eight. It is estimated that there were between one and ten billion humans alive at that time. This means that God killed with water men, women, children, babies in and out of the uterus. Sounds savage, but it happened. Rebellion against God is not a good move. More soon.

The Power of Matthew 18:15

A couple of weeks ago a woman named Rachelle wrote on my Facebook wall that she hadn’t read my book, only “clips” from it. She claimed that I portrayed God as a “bloodthirsty evil monster who delights in preparing ways to torture humanity.” She went on to declare that if my book is what it appeared to her to be, she would “burn it on the spot.” Needless to say, I was shocked and offended by this. I prayerfully pondered how I should respond, if at all. I was reminded that in Matthew 18:15 we born-again believers are instructed to confront people who wrong us directly. Therefore I responded to this woman, whom I did not know, “Rachelle, God wrote in His Word (that’s the Bible, Rachelle, another book I’m confident you haven’t read) in Proverbs 12:15, ‘The execution of justice is joy for the righteous, but is terror to the workers of iniquity.’ Your urge to burn a book that offends you puts you in impressive company: Hitler, Stalin and many other great despots of history. Congrats.”

The next day I posted: “Hey, Rachelle, I have an offer for you. Send my publicist your address and we’ll send you a free copy of my novel. If you read it and still hate it, burn it and/or attack it here on my Facebook page. What do you say? If you agree, I’ll post the name, address and phone number of the publicist, and you can contact them for your book.”

Soon I received the following from Rachelle: “I want to apologize for saying I would burn the book. It was entirely foolish. Please forgive me.” I quickly responded, “Thank you, Rachelle, for your generous response. I accept your apology and totally forgive you. I understand that showing the harsh side of God is an upsetting aspect of the novel. I plan to post soon why I felt it was necessary. Meanwhile, my offer of a free book is still good. Blessings to you and yours.”

Is God’s Word powerful or what?

Why is it that we are not taken directly to heaven when we get saved? Do you know?

Why is it that we are not taken directly to heaven when we get saved? Why are we nearly always left down here for a while? Here are five reasons that God has revealed to me to answer these questions. First, we are left down her to be his witnesses (Acts 1:8). What do witnesses do? They testify. We are down here to testify with our lives and lips to a dark, lost, hurting world that the Gospel is really all true. And that its redemptive power is available to anyone with a heart to receive it. Second, we are left down here to be His ambassadors (II Corinthians 5:20). What do ambassadors do? They represent. We are left down here for a while to represent God and His Kingdom to the kingdoms of the world. Third, we are left down here to be royal priests (I Peter 2:9). What do royal priests do? They minister. We are left down her to minister the love, light, and life of the Living God to the world. Fourth, we are left down here to be His sanctified specimens (I Thessalonians 4:3, 4). What do sanctified specimens of God do? They demonstrate. We are left down here to demonstrate to a lost world what holy, righteous living looks and feels like. Fifth, we are left down here to be His agents (Matthew 6:33). What do agents do? They represent the interests of their clients. We are left down here to represent God’s interests on this planet by clearly seeking His Kingdom and righteousness with our lives.

Final thought: get saved and then live saved.

We Have the Prescription, Now Take the Medicine.

God has given us a prescription for peace and prosperity, but we refuse to take our medicine.

Clearly America is suffering from a spiritual sickness. God through the hand of Ezra tells us in II Chronicles 7:14 that there is a remedy. If we as a nation would repent of our many sinful ways, humble ourselves and seek the face, favor and forgiveness of God, he would hear, forgive us and heal our land. But we won’t; so he won’t. We deserve the calamities coming our way.

Don’t blame God. The blame is all on us.

Zombies are real.

Zombies are real. They are surrounding and attacking us non-zombies mercilessly. They vastly outnumber us. They are fearlessly revealing themselves at an alarming rate. They hate us and want to consume us. They’re not ultimately after our flesh; they want to kill us spiritually.

Here is the scriptural truth about them:
– They are humans who have chosen to close their hearts to God and are, therefore, the walking dead. see John 5:25
-Since they are already under judgement, they are cursed. see John 3:18-19
– They are blind to spiritual truth. see II Corinthians 4:4
– They can’t live moral lives. see Romans 8:7
– They can’t please God. see Romans 8:8
– They can’t understand things of God or His people. see I Corinthians 2:14
– They think things of God are foolishness. see I Corinthians 1:18
– They are at war with God and His people. see Galatians 5:17
– They are flesh-obsessed and, therefore, never find peace. see Romans 8:5,6
– They hate God and His people and are loyal only to other zombies. see John 15:18,19
– They will persecute non-zombies. see John 15:20

Our challenge is not to destroy them, but to help them become non-zombies by showing them the reality of the love of God with our lips and lives.

Will the materialism of US citizens be our country’s downfall?

China is suggesting that we in the US need to get our financial house in order by significantly reducing our national spending and debt. They encourage us especially to spend far less on our military. This while they begin to produce new state-of-the-art aircraft carriers and fighter jets. They do this with the billions of dollars we spend on crap we don’t really need made in China. Maybe it’s time we curtail our lust for tawdry trinkets made by their peasant workers in this communist giant that is happily planning to pass the US militarily and financially. We could reverse this decline. I predict we won’t. And, be the way, please don’t ask God to bless America. He already has for so long, and look what it’s gotten him.

Does God Bless America?

When a nation is submitted to God and is pleasing in His sight, it becomes the beneficiary of His blessings and protection. But if this nation turns its back on Him, it walks away from His cornucopia of blessings and His umbrella of protection into a dangerous world of deprivation and desperation. This process often happens over several decades and generations. The decline can be so subtle that it is hardly noticed by most. A nation that starts down a path of rebellion against God will begin to lose its blessings gradually. God also will slowly remove its hedge of protection, allowing enemies, both human and spiritual, to attack and other disasters to occur. If the nation fails to repent and return to God, this process will begin to accelerate dramatically. If this nation still persists in this resistance against the way and will of God, He will directly bring about in a variety of ways its demise. America is this nation. We stand in open defiance of God in so many ways. He is tired of relenting. The national malaise in which we find ourselves is going to worsen unless we change our direction through spiritual repentance and revival.



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